I am Christina Moodie. 

I am a wife, mom of two crazy littles, taco enthusiast, and budding plant lady. (See what I did there??)

I am a strategic business coach for women who want to explode their network marketing business utilizing the internet to bring in qualified recruits and HUGE profits while they are doing it. I want to help you dream big and crush your goals!

Friend, I have been where you are right now.

My network marketing business was strugg-llll-ing. (aka making no money)

All the things my uplines told me to do like hold home parties, make a list of 100 people, and share, share, share just weren't cutting it. I was spending tons time away from my family and not making any money doing it! (Sound familiar anyone?!? 🙋🏻)

I know how frustrating it is to put in so much time and work into this kind of business and not see any results! ($$$) Seriously, SO discouraging. 👎🏻


You can have an extremely successful and profitable online business all the while maintaining a healthy work life balance. 

I am passionate about helping everyday ladies (like you and me!) figure out how to build an online business that allows more financial freedom without compromising time with the people you love!  I have done it and I KNOW you can too. 

Let's do this together lady!